Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics has a serious commitment to minimising the environmental impact of our business through a range of activities under our green environment policy. The aim of our policy is to make our actions sustainable – using less material now so that it lasts longer, exercising greater efficiency across our whole business and choosing to use products, suppliers and procedures that have less of an impact on our planet.

Workplace initiatives

We have developed and implemented a range of practical initiatives in our workplaces that have and will continue to reduce any impacts on the environment. These are outlined in our policy and include:

  • recycling
  • waste reduction and minimisation
  • green procurement of supplies/goods made from recycled material
  • fleet vehicles – low fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles via car pooling
  • use of energy-efficient electronic equipment and power saving
  • use of green power, renewable energy and geothermal energy.

Committed to sustainability

Our manufacturing and logistics headquarters is located on a beautiful 120 hectare (298 acre) property in rural New South Wales, which is flourishing with native flora and fauna including blue gum trees, capertee stringybark, central tablelands grasses, cockatoos, kangaroos, wombats and yabbies, and many types of snakes, lizards and butterflies.
More than 3,000 native trees are currently planted on the property including more than 600 mature eucalypts, which offsets close to 400 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Our carbon footprint is currently estimated to total between 80 and 100 tonnes per year nationally. As the remaining trees reach maturity and new plantings continue this, along with our current waste reduction initiatives, will ensure we continue to offset our emissions into the future.

Green energy alternative

Not all renewable resources draw their power directly from the sun. There is also energy available in the latent heat of the earth’s core: geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy has many advantages over conventional energy sources. When building our fireworks factory, a geothermal heat pump system was installed. This heats several buildings including the important drying rooms where pyrotechnic compositions are dried over several days in a temperature stable, controlled environment. Geothermal energy is a green energy alternative that we use to reduce the impact of our core business activities on the environment.