Stuart Bensley

Pyrotechnics Designer, Choreographer, Programmer & Master Pyrotechnician

Stuart has over 18 years experience in special events and pyrotechnics and has developed a worldwide reputation for designing and delivering powerful pyromusicals for world-class special events.

Stuart’s product knowledge, creative use of music and technical approach are key to delivering unique, powerful and artistic performances, often in unique marine, land or building architecture environments.

His long lists of pyrotechnic design credits read like an inspiring pyrotechnician’s life-long bucket list. From Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the world’s largest events, National Celebrations to the crazy Nitro Circus Live shows.

His creative pyrotechnic designs have been continually rewarded with a total of six International Fireworks Competitions in recent years, including 1st Place Malaysian International Fireworks Competition along with the Silver, Bronze Jupiter’s and Gold for best soundtrack at the Montreal International Fireworks Competition.

Stuart’s spare time is about as rare as a ‘lance set piece’ being programmed into one of his pyromusicals, but on those special occasions away from work he enjoys spending time at the beach with his wife Kate and his young daughters Zara & Skye, mountain bike riding, snow boarding, soccer, rugby, ‘looking into’ getting those jobs around the house done one day and living life amongst the gum trees.