Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics specialises in producing large-scale events such as national day celebrations, special ceremonies, major special events and New Year’s Eve celebrations. The company’s unique skill is regularly required to present grand scale spectaculars that require a masterpiece of creative pyrotechnic art.

We are able to work with and feature a city’s landmarks such as waterways, buildings, bridges and iconic architecture to capture the audience in a pyrotechnic spell, taking them on a magical journey that attracts worldwide media attention to the event.

Our state-of-the-art computer firing system and design software enables our performances to be choreographed with music and all multimedia. In addition, the integration of robust computer firing hardware allows fireworks to be fired from an unlimited number of locations to produce the ultimate extravaganza.

Howard & Sons take great pride in providing a complete turnkey pyrotechnics project management solution for your event. We work collaborative with our clients and event partners to design unique creative themes, scenes and effects based on specific events themes, brief, location and budget.

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