The Bang Collective is a live performance company that produces explosive live performances featuring spark, fire, water, light and music.

The Bang Collective’s current show is “The Colours of the Outback

Blooming from the wilderness of Australia’s outback, The Colours of the Outback takes the audience on a magical journey of pyrotechnics colour, red hot flames, impressive imagery and foot tapping rhythm.

Pyrotechnic stars paint the sky and illuminate the arena, to replicate the wild scenery and seasons of the Australian outback.

With a live didgeridoo performance like you’ve never seen before and pyrotechnics by Australia’s most innovative, The Colours of the Outback promises to deliver a uniquely ‘Australian’ explosive experience.

The ‘Colours of Outback’ is a spectacular 10-15 minute performance of:

  • Pyrotechnics
  • Flames
  • Visual Imaging
  • Intelligent Lighting

All synchronized to unique high energy live music by ‘eMDee’- didgeridoo & percussion drums on stage.

eMDee perform three live acts titled:

  • Act 1- Fire in the Sky- sunrise, wildfire, sunset
  • Act 2- Monsoon Storm- storm, lightning strikes, rain, wind
  • Act 3- Blooming Colours- new life, floral blooms, colourful wildlife
  • Finale-A mind blowing finale of colour.