The team at Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics contains world-renowned designers and producers of pyrotechnic special effects – close proximity pyrotechnics – that can be safely used in, around or on indoor stages, arenas, stadiums, building rooftops and courtyards.

Christian Howard and his team of pyrotechnic designers and producers have worked tirelessly over the past 20 years to perfect our new range of close proximity pyrotechnics. This entire product range can be fired indoors or in small outdoor areas where the audience is within close proximity to a set.

The effects have no fallout and are smokeless, which makes them ideal for sporting events, concerts, theatrical productions, corporate and private events such as product launches and weddings.

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics is able to produce a wide range of special effects to suit the most unusual requirements for events, commercials, television shows, video clips, movies and photo shoots.

For more information please contact our head office or your local manager.

“Fireworks can be spectacular at any location but we are no longer limited to large outdoor venues. Now we are able to fire special effects from the fingertips of the CEO of a multinational corporation at the conclusion of his or her sales conference speech. To me, that’s spectacular!” 

– Christian Howard, Director, Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics